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The students are strengthened in cognitive and critical learning by analyzing concepts of science, social science and math. Discursive learning happens with project based and explore hands on activities to perceive concepts clearly. The scientific temper and self-expressions promotes self-reliance, productive work, intellectual development and practical skills. Students examine specimens, illustrate experiments for practical understanding and presentations using softwares like PPT to explain learnt concepts. Field visits, surveys, questionnaires help them to have a depth of concept acquisition. The scheduled consistent assessments and teaching help to further strengthen in cognitive areas of science and social science. Practice sheets and more explanation through math findings using equipments in math lab help to understand the logical sums. The LSRW skills are focused through more listening podcasts, practice grammar worksheets.

Systematic cyclic tests and periodical assessments train our students to acquaint with the examination pattern.

Selected Books for the Year 2023 - 2024

In addition to the NCERT books students are advised to refer these following books,

# Subject Book Name Publisher
1 Tamil Govt. Text Book Govt. Book
2 Tamil Full Marks Full Circle
3 English English Language & Literature (Beehive) NCERT
4 English Words & Expressions-1 cls - IX (Work Book in English) NCERT
5 English English Language & Literature (Moments) NCERT
6 English English Language & Literature Vol-1 Full Circle
7 Maths Mathematics NCERT
8 Science Science NCERT
9 Science Science Lab Manual Evergreen
10 Social Science Contemporary India - I (Geo) NCERT
11 Social Science India & Contemporary World - I (History) NCERT
12 Social Science Democratic Politics - I (Civics) NCERT
13 Social Science Map Skill Evergreen
14 Social Science Economics NCERT
15 Social Science Evergreen Study in Social Science Evergreen
16 Computer New Computers Made Friendly Cordova
# Subject Book Name Publisher
1 Tamil Govt. Text Book Govt. Book
2 Tamil Full Marks Full Circle
3 English English Language & Literature (First Flight) NCERT
4 English English Language & Literature (Foot Prints Without Feet) NCERT
5 English English Language & Literature Vol-1 Full Circle
6 Maths Mathematics NCERT
7 Science Science NCERT
8 Science Science Lab Manual Evergreen
9 Social Science Contemporary India - I (Geo) NCERT
10 Social Science India & Contemporary World - II (History) NCERT
11 Social Science Democratic Politics - II (Civics) NCERT
12 Social Science Understanding Economic Development - Economics NCERT
13 Social Science Map Skill NCERT
14 Social Science Evergreen Study in Social Science Evergreen


Interactive Learning

Notes, flowcharts, slide screens on concepts, teaching through YouTube explanations are accessed through smart board screens for effective concept visual learning. The active usage of the boards performs more a referential learning with scanned details of knowledge in sciences and social sciences. The presentations are persuasive and creative learning experiences.

Digitalized Learning

Our school with wi-fi campus helps students & teachers to easily gain access to any concepts, facts and process or working of models. The elements in chemistry, the dynamics in physics, the functioning of the organs in the human body, the diversities in the geographical realm, the tales of historical events all are easily and clearly explained through visual presentations. Children are further tested on the small portions and they are prepared for assessments to get acquisition with knowledge based/life based concepts & hot skills that focus on critical thinking is practiced through multiple question papers, worksheets and practice sheets.

Resource Learning

The library contains volumes of referential material for students to refer on topics to compare and learn. The space of the store of books help children to find and work out questions and expand their horizons of learning. The learning tabs, the computer serve a treasure trove of information. The young users delve into the magical world and wealth of materials available through interaction with eminent authors, book reviews, reading sessions and writing paper presentations and assignments.


Professional and well experienced team of experts give meticulous training to students for providing them efficient training through competent training for challenging competitions for scholarships within curriculum in our campus.


The health of a nation is the wealth of nation. So we concentrate on activities that help in toning and educating our children on these aspects through projects, surveys, analysis reports and field visits like growing palm saplings, tree saplings, studying samples of water and water table and more. Sports is concentrated with training for our children in different skill sets of the different games like cricket, tennis, football provided in our school curriculum.

SEWA Programmes

SEWA - Social Empowerment through Work and Action

Students are trained to become conscious about cleanliness and hygiene in our environment by maintaining classroom clean, campus clean and keep our environment plastic free. Through walks in and around our school students go on campaign walks, do surveys through questionnaires etc.

Clubs Activities

Clubs are a fun team to grow with similar thoughts and likes which is fun. It is also a point where great futures of growing with values is started each and every day. The various clubs such as Nature - Eco Clubs, Integrity Club, Heritage Club, Reading Club, Cultural Club, Art Club, English Club, Math Club and Science Club. The activities are conducted every month with an activity that helps our students to be team players, collaborate thinking and execution. The year long activities help our children be responsible citizens with civic sense of growing to protect environment, love heritage, become inventors and grow with scientific temper and more attributes to wholesome learning.

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