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Ramadan Celebrations

Apr 10, 2024 | 2 min read

"Break the fast of apathy with the feast of affection" Ramadan special assembly embracing unity and reflection.
In the spirit of inclusivity and cultural appreciation, Muthamil Public School was proud to host a special Ramadan assembly on 08-04-2024.
This gathering aimed to foster understanding, unity, and respect among students and staff members highlighting the significance of Ramadan. The assembly began with a warm welcome from Uthra of Grade VIII acknowledging the importance of cultural diversity within the school community. A solemn recitation of verses from the Qur'an was led by Master Sahid who is proficient in Arabic and translated by Master Mohammad who set the tone for reflection and spiritual contemplation.
A thought provoking drama was staged highlighting the theme "Gratitude".
Professor Tamim, esteemed scholar and Chief Guest delivered an enlightening address emphasizing the universal principles of kindness, generosity, and self decipline embodied in Ramadan. His words inspired students to embrace diversity and extend empathy towards one another.
Our principal, Mrs Mary Rani, delivered a poignant message and encouraged students to uphold tolerance and mutual respect year round.
The Ramadan special assembly concluded with a collective prayer for peace and harmony.