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Motivational Session

Feb 15, 2024 | 2 min read

In a bid to alleviate the stress and anxiety surrounding upcoming board exams, renowned Psychiatrist Dr. G Ramanujan chaired a motivational session tailored for Board-Going students on 15-02-2024.
During the session, Dr. G Ramanujam delved into strategies for effective time management and stress reduction. He encouraged students to create realistic study schedules incorporating breaks for relaxation and self-care.
The Psychiatrist also highlighted the significance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including proper sleep, nutrition, and physical activity to optimize cognitive function.
He also opened the floor for questions providing a platform for students to express their concerns and seek personalized advice.
The motivational session served as a timely reminder for Board-Going students that they are not alone in facing Academic Challenges.
The event marked with inspiration and encouragement left students better equipped to tackle upcoming board exams with confidence and resilience.