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Fire of Sumatra

Jan 29, 2021 | 2 min read

Muthamil Public School at Muneerpallam organised a special Book Review event of the novel " Fire of Sumatra " Written by a grade 9 student CR Ramna Kailash. This was conducted in coordination with ACCC ATREE and Nellai Nature club. The event was held in the evening in the August presence of a selective audience who are ardent lovers of nature who have made and are continually striving to make a clarion call earnestly to the general public to preserve the Biodiversities of the district for future generations . The powerful and stunning story which is wholly absorbing enraptures and captivates the minds of those who would like to meditate on those pages of this Book only to discover that it's High time We wake up from our deep slumber to understand that it is time for every citizen of planet earth to act Responsibly with a sense of urgency to save Planet Earth from further degradation.
Thanks to the reviewers Ms. Sankari and Mr. Suraj Reghu for their detailed review. We do thank Ms Hemalatha ACF of Thirunelveli Dr. Ignacy Arockyaa S. J. Vice Principal & H. O. D(Department of Visual Communication) St. Xavier's College. Thirunelveli and Shri Rajan President, Pearl City Nature Society whose honourable presence was a motivational factor for the aspiring Young Writer and strong defender of Wildlife and the planets ecosystems.
The Muthamil Auditorium reverberated those spirited moments during the process of the review and this unforgettable and memorable day goes into the annals of Muthamil Public Schools History.