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Field Trip

Aug 02, 2023 | 2 min read

We believe in all round awareness and development of students. On 31/7/2023, our kindergarten students went on a field trip to Nachiyar Super Market as part of extended learning on “Food we eat and neighbourhood places”. Our students identified healthy and unhealthy food enthusiastically.
A supermarket is a wonderful place for children to be made aware of and learn about different kinds of foods and other things available there. On their visit to the super-market, children were made to identify the types of foods found there. They were shown different sections of the supermarket (fresh fruits & vegetable section, grain section, toiletry section, meat/dairy/frozen food section, bakery, and canned goods, toys, etc.)
Teachers explained to them how things are bought, billed and paid for. This taught them the feeling of responsibility. Some students shared their shopping experience which they had with their parents in the same supermarket. This gave the students an opportunity to see, smell, buy and learn about commodities that are available in a shopping mart and how it is purchased by people for their daily use.
On the whole, it was a fun-filled learning experience for each child. We hope these experiences will help our students to make the right choice when it comes to healthy eating and they will become more independent.
Pictures prove the fun and enjoyment they had.