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Earth Day

Apr 22, 2024 | 2 min read

Inspiring Earth Day Celebrations at MPS.
On the occasion of Earth Day, students and faculty at MPS came together to celebrate and reaffirm their commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability. The day was marked by a series of engaging and enlightening activities aimed at raising awareness and inspiring action.
A special assembly kicked off with a warm welcome from the Head boy Master Vignesh, setting the tone for the day’s events. A thought-provoking presentation on environmental issues and solutions captivated the audience followed by an inspiring showcase of student led initiatives for sustainability.
Students eagerly participated in an interactive quiz testing their knowledge on various aspects of environmental conservation. The quiz not only challenged the understanding but also sparked meaningful discussions on ways to address environmental challenges. A renowned manager, and our Chief Guest Mr. Maharaja, Environmental Foundation of India delivered a stirring speech emphasizing the importance of preserving the quality of water bodies and keeping it pollution free. A documentary was screened showcasing the condition of our perennial river, Thambirabarani now and then. He motivated the students to take positive steps towards a greener future.
The day’s program also included a captivating mime performance that vividly depicted the urgency of environmental protection and the need for sustainable practices.
The highlight of the event was the” Earth Day pledge” led by the Principal, Mrs. Mary Rani, were students solemnly vowed to adopt Eco Friendly habits and contribute to environmental preservation efforts. The collective recitation of the pledge symbolized the school communities unwavering dedication to making a difference.
Earth day celebrations at MPS served as a reminder of the power of collective action and role that each individual can play in creating a sustainable future.