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Drug Awareness Day

Aug 11, 2023 | 2 min read

🎗️ Taking a Stand on Drug Awareness Day! 🚫💊
Today is a significant day as our amazing students are coming together to take a powerful pledge against drugs on the occasion of Drug Awareness Day. 🌱 We believe in educating, empowering, and making informed choices, and today's event embodies just that.
🤝 We are honored to have Mr. Innose Kumar, Inspector at Muneerpallam Police Station, join us as a beacon of support and guidance. His presence underscores the importance of this commitment and the impact it has on our lives and society.
Let's stand united against the lure of drugs, making a promise to ourselves and our community for a healthier and brighter future. Our students are leading by example, showcasing their dedication to positive choices and a drug-free life.
Spread the word, show your support, and let's inspire each other with our commitment. Together, we can create a world where informed decisions lead the way. See you there! 👏🚀