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Community Helpers

Jul 22, 2023 | 2 min read

Community Helpers
A community needs many people to help it to function well and make the world a better place to live. Educating students about the community helpers and the kind of roles they play in our daily lives, is highly important. Indeed, they remind us of how inter-connected we all are when we live in a community.
Being part of our society, we exhibit social behaviour. Human beings are interconnected and associated with each other in one or the other way. Hence, cannot survive alone. Every human contributes to society. From morning to night, we come across so many people who help us in one small way or another big way, some directly and some indirectly— Our Community Helpers. So, to strengthen and develop a sense of deep understanding about community helpers, the students of kindergarten conducted a fun-filled activities. Students talked about the community helpers of their choice- doctor, teacher, gardener, housemaid, a rickshaw puller and many more. The teachers explained different types of work done by our community helpers using the tools and props - stethoscope, marker, blackboard, weighing scale, iron, whistle, stick, etc. Pre KG & LKG students made a fire engine using red paint and feet impression. UKG students did paper folding and made an envelope.
The activities organized helped them in building confidence and respect for the people who make our lives easy with their vast services. Moreover, this gave them an opportunity to understand the world around them and know their place in it as well.