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Birds Day

Oct 20, 2023 | 2 min read

Birds are cute little winged creatures who never fail to inspire us with their lives.”
To generate awareness about physical and behavioural needs for improving the welfare of birds, "Birds Day" was celebrated in Muthamil Public School. Numerous class activities were conducted on the same day.
Our little saviours of kindergarten prepared birds by using paper folding ( origami) and creative skills. They also expressed their notions by reciting few lines about their survival and taking care of birds. A fascinating role play was performed by our teachers.
After knowing the fact that so many birds species are under threat, it becomes more important than ever to uplift public awareness for the needs of birds.
Birds are not only beautiful and bright jewels of the sky but they are also the eyes of heaven.
Let's together make sure that each one of us would ensure the safety and well being of birds.