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Annual Report for the year 2022 - 2023

Mar 01, 2023 | 5 min read

A warm welcome to one and all present here. Today on this 6th school annual gathering, I consider myself privileged and indeed honoured to have this opportunity to present before you the consistent upward graph of our school’s achievements through a brief reading of the annual report of our esteemed institution, Muthamil Public school for the academic year 2022-2023.

Muthamil Public School is a CBSE co- educational imminent school under the able guidance of Shri M.V Thangadurai who has set his footprints for us to follow in the field of academics. He the man with his perseverance and will power and untiring efforts, completed his double Masters degree in Economic and Maths.MPS has always been committed to create an environment in the school to help the young minds to blossom and provide a platform for individual thinking and holistic development of the child’s personality. We set standards and goals for ourselves and strive to achieve them be in the area of academics, sports or extracurricular activities.
At this juncture, I would like to say that MPS started its venture in 2017 with 250 students and today we stand with 650 students and 80 teaching and non teaching staff and hoping with poise for the number to ascend to greater heights.
Learning leads to creative thinking ,thinking provides knowledge whereas knowledge makes one great. The year 2022 commenced on a wonderful note when the results of the board exams were declared. Our First batch students of gr 12 and III batch students of Gr 10 came out with centum results. Master Sri Ram of Gr 10 outshone with 488 marks and added laurels to our school.
Excellence in academics is the hallmark of any good institution and the class X and XII results of our school prove without any doubt that our students have made us proud. None of these achievements would have been possible without the single minded commitment and dedicated care of our teachers , along with the constant encouragement by the parents.

Exams are conducted periodically to continually assess and monitor the academic progress of the students and fill in the loophole every now and then.
PTMs are organized every month to make the parents let know about their ward’s academic status. Our Kindergarten students are well equipped with well trained and technologically updated team of faculty.

We have completed 40 CBSE expression series that enables students a platform to exhibit their talents and acknowledge one to be a better personality.
Our school has fully equipped computer lab with internet facility , science labs a spacious ,well maintained library and a well furnished math lab and more than 100 cctv cameras without blind spot.

As per CBSE norms, MPS team of staff is constantly upgraded through workshops and training session to be capable enough to groom the blooming buds.

Sports :

To be a great champion ,you must believe you are the best, if you are not, keep on trying.

As an exemplary to the above mentioned quote ,Our students participated in Sarvodhaya inter school sports competition under south zone catergory. Students took part in throw ball, chess, volleyball and table tennis Mps students participated in Chess tournament conducted by CBSE cluster and brought laurels to the school.

Extra curricular activities

Environment day
A mile stone was created in the pages of Muthamil public school on June 5, world Environment day. To create a better tomorrow and to inculcate the importance of preserving environment, Muthamil seed bank and plant nursery was inaugurated by the District Collector of Tirunelveli Mr. Vishnu I.A.S. and our students got an opportunity to interact with him through a mind blowing interactive session. Thanks to Vishnu sir for enlightening the tender souls with his wise words.

Parent orientation
To ensure that parents too are updated on the happenings at school and to ready them to prepare their wards for the board exams, an orientation cum counseling programme was organized for the parents and students. Dr. Paneer Selvam, Senior psychiatrist of Sneka Mind Care Centre, Tirunelveli addressed the students and the parents on the importance of mental health and stability to become successful in life.
Besides,To raise an awareness about the need for adequate and sufficient menstrual hygiene management and to advocate for breaking misconceptions and stigma surrounding menstruation, a counseling session was organized. Dr. Sumupriya MBPS, DGO awakened the young minds through the session

Sports day
Ozmenta 2022 – The sports day of MPS was organized with great enthusiasm and fervor. Grand master Karthikeyan presided over the function and also had an interactive session with the chess students of MPS.

Cycle Rally
Owing to World Rivers day,Cycle rally was jointly organised by Nellai Neervalam, Nellai Nature Club, Tirunelveli Inner Wheel club,

Nellai Bicycle and Muthamil Public School. The rally witnessed the participation of more than 80, including the District collector of Tirunelveli Mr. Vishnu I.A.S., our chairman Mr. Amaravel Babu, Our Correspondent Mrs. Jeyanthi Babu, Nellai Nature club secretary Mr. Hari Pradhan, students of Muthamil Public School and Munnerpallam Govt higher secondary school. The rally was mainly on to emphasise on the conservation of the river Tamiraparani by creating awareness on the importance of river and the ways to prevent its pollution for a healthy ecosystem. Silambam performance by the students of our School was the highlight of the rally. We were highly privileged to have the District Collector’s presence throughout the event.

We are proud to inform that this year, to build in the confidence level and ready our children into the futuristic world, we have introduced different clubs like literary club, media club art club, culinary club ECO Club and entrepreneur club.

Sales day entrepreneurship
On occasion of Diwali, A sales day was organized and MPS entrepreneurs club students had installed many food stalls in the school. The club focuses on individuals who become independent and channel the inbuild entrepreneurs towards the right path. This opportunity gives them an exposure on how to run and maintain a business and equip themselves as tomorrow’s business men and women. All the benefits from the stalls were donated to the needy. Students of media club got hands on experience as they got an opportunity to record the moments and interview the children and parents on their views about the day. Media club students are prepared under the guidance of Mr. Venkatraman, the former RJ of Hello FM.

Rovers of Tamiraparani
Apart from these clubs, we also have the ‘Rovers of Thamiraparani club. This club is fully dedicated to looking up for the betterment of our society and saving of our perilous river Tamiraparani. Students of this club are working from the place of the river Tamiraparani’s origin , followed by the major places in its flow till the place where it gets drained into the sea, The focus of this club is to ensure the ecological system and the environment in and around the river Tamirabarani is preserved, Students are taken to places in and around tirunelveli and many rallies are organized to bring awareness on saving wild life and forests
Kwiztopia: Our students are motivated to participate in many inter- school competitions. Our students recently participated in Kwiztopia. Among 50 schools our students bagged the second and fourth runner up and were honoured by the District Collector of tirunelveli Mr. Vishnu I.A.S.

World Book day
To imbibe in the importance of reading and its significance, World book day was celebrated at MPS. Shri Narumpoonathan, a prolific writer presided over the day by being the moderator for the debate conducted and book fair was organized to build in the reading habits in every soul of MPS .

Many milestones have been achieved and many still have to be reached.

We at Muthamil Public School will continue our unceasing efforts to mould the young minds into well balanced personalities with confidence and zeal befitting the standards of this portal of education. This report is a sincere attempt to showcase our progress in terms of achievements and activities during the year. On this memorable occasion as we recount our success with pride and happiness, we wish to dedicate all our achievements to the committed effort of a committed team called Muthamil Public School. In the end I would like to conclude with the lines

"Let not the sky be the limit when there are footprints on the moon"!

Thank you