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Annual Report for Year 2018-19

Nov 04, 2019 | 3 min read

The goal in life is not to surpass the competition, but to surpass the expectations we set for ourselves. Success is sweetest when we break our own records.

A warm welcome to the most privileged celebrating moments of empires at Muthamil Public school, the Zenith of Empires – the celestial and pompous rule of Indian Kings brought to you not only picturising alive the moments of history but also revealing hidden treasured values finely weaved by the skills of students displayed specially for all of you here.

Another illuminating presence is that of our chief guest Mr. S.M.Kumar - District Science Officer of Tirunelveli.

The extent of your impact on the world depends on the size of your devotion to excellence ~ Robin Sharma.

Excellence is a journey…

From this journey of Muthamil Public School I feel greatly privileged and honoured to share on this ostentatious occasion of Zenith of Empires, Muthamil Public school’s Annual Day Celebrations and KG Graduation, the Annual Report of 2018-19. The inception of Muthamil Public School is 7th June, 2017 since then we have grown gradually into shaping ourselves and working towards building every talent of our kids and bringing them to the lime light.

It has been another eventful year of triumphs under flagship leadership of a benign personality our Chairman Sir, Mr. Amaravel Babu and correspondent mam – Mrs. Jeyanthy Babu.

The learning at MPS is truly an awe inspiring one for the children who study here because under one roof they are provided with the best. Activity based learning integrated with lot of packed performances and competitions keep our children busy as bees. Accomplishments in cultural and academics have not been a far stage for them.

The moments of the theory in lessons are brought alive as experiences through project study, assignments, exhibitions, field trips , celebrations, theatre plays, annual day, sports day, national festivals and more in the galore.

The moral in leaders of yesterday in carved in the minds and veins in todays kids of ours through elocutions, orations on Kamarajar day, Abdul Kalaam’s remembrance day, Ramanujar’s day, Doctor’s day.

The festival days always call in for competitions – both passive and active that sculp out the best of our children in essay competitions, creativity in art and craft and culturals.

Our children have excelled in bringing out their victory in Arohanam Sahoday Competition with Persis wise of our school bagging a prize for Calligraphy and stealing the hearts of our parents in folk dance in kiddivels programme.

The concepts classes in science and English skill development classes have helped in building confidence in communication skills of our students webbed with confidence.Our focussed sports programmes for sculpting the cricket, tennis, karate, foot ball and the chess champions are building stones for the future sportmen from Tirunelveli.

At MPS we celebrate every little win of our kids and that speaks loud rippling effects of change in each individual kid of Muthamil Public School.

Our children have also visited the veterinary college and research institute, Tirunelveli, Sri Sarvana’s Ice Cream Factory and Syed Spinning Mill at Allamkulam. These experiences have always added an extra impact to relate to what they study in books. The post office, the market, arasan super market, ulavar sandhai have the field trips for our primary kids.

Our kindergarten sections are lively explore space of learning with various activities to groom their social and emotional skills and also training in communication. Our parents presentations have always have been ostentatious moments with our kids performing to parents. Rhymes reciting, story play, songs, dance. Our exception portions of play area have been a joy to them – the innovative gross motor building park, the activity indoor play room and the Montessori room are learning experiential rooms.

Our various departments and clubs namely the literature club conducted various reading activities and brought out the theatrical skills through reader’s treasure hunt. The Ninja Numbers – math day conducted to honour ramanujar’s day, The science day, the eco-club, the garden club by our kindergarten kiddies with their rose garden and mini veg garden are truly inspiring projects of our students. A regular visit to farms and recording the growth of crops and growing tree saplings at home have been yearly projects of our School.

This educational journey is an ongoing journey where every child of our school feels a king and queen in getting the best education.The continuous support of the management and co operation of the team spirit of teachers have made us walk this far.

Triumph – the zeal to excel, to overcome challenges and grow make every day a breath of creativity with novice are little words of Muthamil Public School. We are sure that with the beautiful co operation of our parents we surely will build a lighthouse for educational institutions a little haven for children.

Giving the best, making your kids smile, helping your child reach peaks, making them climb stalwart stages in life and sculpting them as model citizens of the world is our vision. The vision and dream of Muthamil Public School to excel, to enrich and to enlighten.

Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work

The above are the echoing words of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam standing true for all performers to reach their destination. At MPS, students want to travel on this educational journey with us and find a connection as MPS expresses their desire to make one.