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Annual Report for Year 2017-18

Dec 31, 2018 | 5 min read

I wish all a warm, bright breezy joy filled evening on the campus of Our Muthamil Public School and welcome you to the most privileged celebrating moments of Our First Annual Day of Muthamil Public School, Vihaan - The First Ray of Sun. It is indeed an illuminating moment with the gracious presence of our honourable Chief Guests,

Mr.Sanjay Gunasingh Jacob - Director of Bell Group, Dr. G. Partheeban - Trustee Vels Group of Institutions, Honourable Chairman Sir and Correspondent Mam, a ray of esteemed dignitaries as the Guests of Honour adding luminosity and special dimension to the show.

In the midst of an eye-catching illumination of the stage I would like to share the scintillating events and the prized moments of our school since its inception on 7th June, 2017 with the auspicious traditional lamp lighting. Our children and staff enjoy a conducive atmosphere of homeliness and togetherness.

The role of a great leader is to bring out the greatness one has inside them.

Yes I am talking about the team ship with our passionate leaders towards education Mr.Amarvel Babu sir and Mrs.Jeyanthy madam who have helped in designing a dream school, a reality for the children of Muthamil Public School.

We strongly believe that every child is unique and has a great bundle of talents. And we provide them the environment to excel in what they learn and bring out the best.

About Our School

Our school has a well designed, safe and child friendly infrastructure that add to the passion our leaders have towards education. Well - spaced and modern furnished and comfortable furniture, airy classrooms with smart board facility addressing the modern tech savvy teaching to accommodate easy visioning of learning concepts are boons for both the taught and the instructor here. Well-structured and equipped science lab, math lab, a magnificent library with about 5000 books, specialized cricket play area with nets for practice, tennis clay court with flood lights, mini football court and athlete track are additional assets in our school. Our school serves as a learning lab where children enjoy practicing more on what they learn.

The Learning at MPS gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, Thinking leads to knowledge, and knowledge is what makes our children great.

By education, I mean an all-round drawing of the best in child in body, mind and spirit. Education is that manifestation of the divine perfection. We assist the child to grow into a true human being and a perfect one.We build on children’s strengths and celebrate their achievements, helping children recognize their accomplishments and experience the joy of learning.

All the special days of importance is celebrated to bring an awareness and cull out the skills in our kids and also revere the great revered personalities. Kamarajar Day, National Doctor's Day as a tribute to legendry Dr. B.C. Roy, Shankutaladevi the icon mathematician and other great personalities in life were relived as small skits and role plays.

Every festival adds the festive aura and enlightens the walls of our school with the echoes of the various performances through skits, music and dance, role plays and demonstrations by our energetic students. Bakrid, Diwali, Onam, Vijayadasmi, Christmas and the small festival occasions too were moments of celebration remembering the values of life embeded in them.

Children’s day and Teachers Day were celebrated to remember the versatile Nehru ji and Dr.Radhakrishnan for their contributions as great leaders and icons.

Greater Events

Independence Day was celebrated with great pomp and show with March past, drills and a Bhartanatyam dance by our students with a patriotic fervour.

Sports Day and Republic Day was webbed together with various drills, aerobic dance, yoga presentation and march past.

Champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - A Desire, A Dream, A Vision.

The purpose of Republic Day celebration with sports activities is to empower Muthamil Public School Students with the importance of physical activities and the importance of fitness.

Physical activities is part and parcel of our curriculum and gives every child an opportunity to participate. The time schedule for sports games is fitted in the school durations. We strongly believe that things learned young helps the kids to face lives challenges in a more organized manner.


About 30 students participate in Pegasusat Bharat Montessori and won laurels. The children from KG till grade VIII participated in various categories and activities like mono act, singing, dance, clay modeling, art from waste and designing book cover.

Dhanishka of grade II bagged the first place for role play as Bharathiar by her stunning performance and many laurels that won us recognition as best participation for our school.

Our students participated in US conducted spell bee where again our children gained the first position and brought home a huge trophy.

A large number of our students participated in the district Yoga completion and won laurels again in all categories. They had participated amongst about 700 students and 70 schools.

Chess, Yoga and instrument music are an integral part of our curriculum where children and improve their skills in these fields.

Various competitions were conducted in our school during the children’s day like thirukural, debate, quiz, fashion walk, handwriting, singing, dancing competition and many others where our children participated enthusiastically.

Our school organised Educational Tour for the year to Tuticorin Harbour and Salt pan.They also visited fish culture at Thoothukudi, A district Science Centre and Museum and the Aavindiary Farm.

Students were invited for the Nellai marathon, river awareness programme, dengue awareness and eye check by group of Agarwal team of doctors. We will also soon be having a dental check for all our students.

Various Olympiads in Math science and English are part of our curriculum where children are trained with selective questions.

A vast Library to enhance reading habit. As reading maketh a man great and so Newspaper reading is encouraged and also it is displayed during lunch time to give more exposure to language building and General Knowledge.

To build and let go stage fear regular activities like dramas, skits, role plays and speech are conducted through our regular assemblies.

Our Kindergarten the kinderjoys section has colourful and eventful activities where we invite parents for class presentations and activities of Kindergarten. Some of our most remembering moments are fruit days, colour days, seasons, pongal festive celebration with grandparents.

With activities keeping us busy, we also had our CBSE inspection last month which we went through in success and hope to to receive the affiliation soon.

We regularly have class tests, home schedules and term exams where our children learn to write them without fear. As they are well revised.

We have found an addressable improvement in their learning curve and hope we could reach higher with support from our parents and more involvement by our students.

Giving the best for the child to enjoy learning is what Muthamil Public School dreams of.

I am sure with the dreams high, passion and toil with the true spirit your children will make remarkable improvements in learning and make not only you proud but our country and the universe as they grow into great empowering leaders of tomorrow.

Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work

The above are the echoing words of Abdul Kalaam standing true for all performers to reach their destination. So here we are to think more about our students in the ways in which to relate to them. At MPS, students want to travel on this educational journey with us and find a connection as MPS expresses their desire to make one.